Welcome to my homepage. It is intended to introduce myself to you, and to present some of my projects.

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Professional Experience

Year Experience Location
Research Intern, Data Science Lab (dlab)
Working as a research assistant in the young dlab laboratory on data science related topics. Under the supervision of Robert West
Lausanne, Switzerland
Data Science Intern, Equancy
Master Thesis "Clean and Enrich Image Collections Using Deep Learning" supervised by Prof. Martin Jaggi.
Outcomes :
  • * Followed fast.ai's MOOC Practical Deep Learning for Coders.
  • * Trained CNN models on Keras, Tensorflow.
  • * Designed an API to deploy models using Flask and Swagger API
  • * Report is available here [pdf] [web] [slides]
  • * Communicated on Deep Learning [blogpost] [slides]
Paris, France deep-learning computer vision
Campus Ambassador, JetBrains
Organized Python workshops in order to promote JetBrain's IDE PyCharm.
Lausanne, Switzerland software
Machine Learning Teaching Assistant, EPFL MLO Laboratory
Helped students for exercise sessions and gave a hand to prepare and correct Machine Learning projects.
Lausanne, Switzerland teaching
Data Science Intern, Pictet Asset Management
Worked on different projects involving web scraping, natural language processing, topic extraction, dimensionality reduction and data visualization.
Geneva, Switzerland nlp
04/16 Swift Instructor, TechSpark Academy
Taught «Mobile App Programming with Swift» course for an Easter Camp. We were two instructors teaching for 12 teenagers.
Geneva, Switzerland teaching

Educational Background

Year Degree Location
M. Sc. in Communication Systems, EPFL
The program emphasizes the global interplay of Mathematics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. I chose a specialization in Data Analytics
Lausanne, Switzerland
International Chinese Language Program, National Taiwan University
Intensive quarter of Traditional Mandarin. Part of my gap year.
Taipei, Taiwan
B. Sc. in Communication Systems, EPFL
Relevant courses : Internet Analytics, Time Series, Signal Processing, Stochastic Models.
Lausanne, Switzerland
Intensive Preparatory Courses (CPGE), Lycée Champollion
Two years which act as a preparatory course for enrollment in one of the engineering graduate schools. Focus on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
Grenoble, France


Multi-label classifier (2017)   computer vision

For my Master Thesis, I worked for a company to develop a multi-label classifier that could handle 500 labels. These labels were either descriptive of the image composition, or of the brand represented. That enabled them to enrich their Data Asset Management and also correct images that were wrongly labeled.

Patents in Switzerland (2016)   nlp

Collected for over 50 years of patents abstracts authenticated in Switzerland. Computed topic extraction (LDA) and dimension reduction (Fisher-LDA) to visualize the semantic path of innovation in Switzerland through the last 50 years: from chemistry to information sciences.

Wine Price Forecasting (2016)   data-viz

Scraped weather, price and grade data for all french wine regions. Built an interactive dashboard to give data-driven back-ups on weather, wine quality and wine prices correlations. Also explored regression models to forecast the first retail price of a wine given weather and its past grades.

Error detection in archives (2015)  nlp

The goal of the project was to detect and correct errors introduced in the Le Temps digital archive (~4M news articles published over the last 2 centuries). Developed a pipeline to detect errors with 93% precision, enabling to spot outlying years with particularly high error rates and giving insights about OCR error types.

Extra-professional Activities

5 Seasons Project (2015)

Organized my gap year with 5 projects, one per season, within Travels (Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia) and Traditional Mandarin courses in Taipei (Taïwan)

Ingénieurs Nomades (2014)

Participated to a crazy charity car raid (4L Trophy) crossing France, Spain and Morocco. Built a student association to promote it inside EPFL that helped over 50 students funding their adventure and getting mechanics lessons. Ingénieurs Nomades is still expanding today.

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